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PCA Services

  • Assistance with daily activities, including eating, toileting, grooming, dressing, bathing, transferring, mobility, and positioning

  • Assistance with instrumental daily tasks, including meal planning and preparation, managing money, shopping for essential items, performing essential household chores, communicating by telephone and other media, and getting around and participating in the community

  • Assistance with health-related functions, including range of motion exercises, seizure intervention, or ventilator suctioning

  • Assistance with redirection and intervention for behavior, including observation and monitoring

PCA Traditional

This option the PCA provider agency:

PCA Choice

This option offers you greater control and choice. By choosing this option, you the consumer are acting as the employer of your direct support workers. You are responsible for the finding, hiring, training, scheduling and firing of your staff. You are also responsible for finding your own back up staff and developing your own care plan. 

Shared Care

Allows the member to receive services from the same individual PCA, at the same time and in the same setting as another member receiving PCA services.

Flex Use

 Allows the member  to use the assessed services how and when they want within a six-month period. 

A person is eligible for PCA if they:

Personal care assistance (PCA) services are available to people who receive Medical Assistance (MA) and people enrolled in MinnesotaCare who are pregnant or 18 years old or younger.

• Are able to identify their needs, or have a responsible party act on their behalf.

• Are assessed as eligible for PCA (i.e., one dependency in an activity of daily living and/or level I behavior)

• Are assessed to need PCA services to live in the community

• Manage their support staff and the delivery of their services to ensure their health and safety, or have a responsible party who is able to do so

• Develop a service plan with assistance from the lead agency assessor

• Have a current and approved service agreement for PCA services

• Live in a home setting

Absolutely, you have the option to choose a trusted loved one to become your PCA. Ally Home Health Care welcomes someone of your choosing and will guide them through the hiring process.

Can I have a friend or a family member become my PCA?

For more information on your PCA options please contact the office at 763-231-2045

Call the office for more information on the PCA program. 763-231-2045

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